LGV Training London

I’m Kesh, your fully qualified and DSA approved driving instructor from St Christopher’s Training. I’ve been training LGV and PCV drivers since 1986. That’s over 27 years! Since then, I’ve helped almost one thousand people pass their LGV, PCV and CPC tests. Just contact me if you would like any references from anyone I’ve instructed.

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  • White lorry used for learning to drive
  • LGV driver training in London

    Choose St Christopher’s driving school here in London and you’re going to receive LGV training which makes it easier to learn new driving skills and pass your test in the quickest possible time – all at a very competitive price.

  • St. Christopher's lorry and bus driver training

  • A member of the DSA voluntary register

    As a member of the Driving Standards Agency’s Voluntary Register, my instructor status is renewed every four years, during which I’m tested in my LGV driving instructor competence and knowledge. This means that you can be confident that you will receive high quality training from a DSA approved instructor so you really notice the difference in both training quality and the speed you pass your test.

    • DSA approved LGV driving instructor certificate
    • Certificate issued by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

  • Category C1 - 7.5 tonne white lorry
  • Category C1-7.5 tonne

    Category C1 – 7.5 tonne. You may already have this entitlement on your licence if you passed your (car) driving test before January, 1997. 

    These vehicles are commonly used in local distribution and among businesses requiring “multi-drop”.

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  • C+E course 

    Learn to drive the proper arctic this entitlement, rather than a draw-bar
    lorry. You stand a better chance at jobs with experience on the real


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