Lorry Driver Lessons In Croydon

Unfortunately, it’s not a seamless transition from driving cars to lorries. As you’ll know, you need specialised training to drive such a cumbersome vehicle.

To limit the number of accident caused by HGVs, it’s essential that drivers have the requisite skills. Thanks to their size an weight, a lorry must be driven safely or the impact could be devastating. It’s also extremely important for your own safety on the roads.

Looking for a reliable instructor for lorry driver lessons? If you’re in Croydon, consider St Christopher’s Training this spring.

We can help you pass that driving test in the quickest possible time.  Our LGV lessons are delivered by highly experienced and quality instructor Kesh, who has been delivering such training since 1986. That means he’s been in the business for over 27 years.

Choose St Christopher’s training and you’ll benefit from year of expertise, along with a highly passionate instructor. We also offer free mock theory tests, so you’re fully prepared for both tests.

Based in North, Wembley London, we are perfect for anyone in Croydon or elsewhere in London. You’ll be a qualified lorry driver before you know it.

To contact St Christopher’s Training, call 07956 437 477.