Lorry Driver Lessons In Twickenham

Did you know, it’s estimated that the UK needs an extra 150,000 lorry drivers by 2020? The average age of a lorry driver is currently 53, which means that a whole generation will be retiring in the near future. Economic growth also means that there is more demand for drivers, which isn’t currently being met.

Lorry drivers are always in demand, and if you’re looking for a recession-proof job, this is definitely a wise career choice. Product will always need delivering, and drivers will always be required to get them from A to B. In this respect, working in logistics really is a job for life. Lorry drivers can also earn over £30,000 a year, so it can be highly profitable.

Unlike other careers, this isn’t a case of ‘no experience, no job’- all you need to do is gain that driving qualification. 

Are you looking for lorry driver lessons in Twickenham?

For lorry driver lessons in Twickenham, you’ll be in safe hands with St Christopher’s Training. With nearly 30 years of experience, you future career will soon be on track and going places.  

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