Our LGV Classes In London

If you already have a driving licence, you might think you can immediately start as a LGV driver. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. 

To become lorry driver, you have to have a special licence, which is gained by having taken the LGV/HGV C&E test (formally known as the HGV Class 1). With this licence, you will be qualified to drive a vehicle with a trailer of over 750kg and a combined weight of over 44 tonnes. 

Classes in London which covers all aspects the LGV practical test. 

In order to drive a rigid vehicle, you must gain a LGV Category (Rigid Vehicle) HGV Class Two licence. Like the regular driving test, this examination requires a LGV theory and hazard perception test. 

If you want to pass this test, St Christopher’s Training provide training sessions of three hours, which cover all aspects of the practical test. In order to decide how many hours of training you require, we will provide a free assessment drive. 

The vehicle used in this training is the modern Leyland Daf 55.220 automatic lorry. As a general guideline, learners usually need around 18-21 hours of training. 

At St Christopher’s we also offer CPC Driver Training, which is for vehicles that are normally 18 tonnes.

To book one of our LGV classes in London, simply call 07956 437 477.