Why Get LGV Lessons In London?

Considering embarking on a new career in 2016? If you’re looking for a recession proof career, then LGV driving could be ideal. All you need to do is gain that Category C licence.  

Here are 7 reasons to become a LGV driver this year:

1. You can earn up to £32,000, with many companies offering excellent pay, with numerous bonus schemes and incentives for drivers.

2. There is a constant demand for drivers, so you’ll never be short of work. There are thousands of openings in the UK right now, whether you’re based in London or elsewhere in the South East.

3. A pay rise is usually certain once you gain experience.

4. There are many different options in this industry, including long distance lorry driving and the need for city haulers. Whether you want to be local or regional, the choice will always be there.

5. It offers excellent job security, no matter what happens after Brexit.

6. Once you have the training, then you’re pretty much set for the next couples of years.

7. You can enjoy flexible working hours and there is a huge range of opportunities in a wide range of locations.

If you need LGV lessons in London, then St Christopher’s Training are keen to help. With our help, you can gain your Category C licence in no time.

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